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Lasting Past Graduation: The Benefits of Joining an Honor Society for Alumni

The Honor Society Benefits for Alumni

The Honor Society benefits last even after you graduation. Make sure you keep reading to learn how joining an honor society can benefit you as an alumni. Over 20 million students are projected to enroll in all degree-granting institutions in 2019. Additionally, over 10 million students are expected to enroll in grade 9 through to 12.

Choosing extracurricular activities will be an essential task for these students. Joining an honor society is one option that will pay off long after graduation.

Being a proactive member of an honor society boils down to your level of commitment. Read on to find out some of the honor society benefits if you are thinking of joining one.

Opportunities to Network with Others

Generally speaking, when you join any kind of club you get the chance to meet new people. Joining honor societies gives you the opportunity to meet students who are like-minded and are also high achievers.

In many honor clubs, a common primary qualification for anyone who wants to join is achieving a specific academic level.

What this means is that being part of such a society will enable you to meet students with the same academic outlook.

When you form friendships with such students they can help motivate you to work harder.

The more you spend time with fellow society members who happen to be dedicated students, the more your academic focus will grow. In no time you will find yourself putting more effort in your studies.

Another attractive aspect of an academic honor society membership is that it can one day contribute to you furthering your career. The friends you make in honor clubs are the leaders and employers of tomorrow.

In today’s job market, landing a job is more than just being able to qualify for it academically. who you know now plays a big part in job hunting.

You can never predict who you meet at society events and relate to that will end up in a place of influence. Those long, lasting friendships you make will one day help open certain career doors for you. 

Sharpen Your Leadership Skills

An honor society is a proven ground for the development of one’s leadership skills.

Many societies recognize that their members need room to expand their leadership horizon. As a result, they invest in the members by offering leadership training opportunities.

But the story does not end there. These societies also set up a student leadership program that will help groom you as a leader of tomorrow.

Taking advantage of the opportunities an honor society can give you in developing the leader within will help you become a better student.

When you think about it, leadership requires you to possess three qualities if you are to excel. These are dependability, accountability, and responsibility.

As you grow in your leadership training you will become a person others can depend on. Your fellow students and professors will begin to notice that they can count on you to get things done.

Knowing that others count on you will help you be a student who delivers on the promises that they give.

As you continue pursuing your leadership training you will bloom in your capacity to be responsible. When you make a mistake as a student you will be able to own up to it without passing on the blame.

The awareness that you are responsible for your decisions will, in turn, help you be more accountable. If, for example, you fail to make the best use of your study time you will be able to own up to it and find a solution.

Better Self-Esteem

Becoming part of an honor society can help you develop better self-esteem by celebrating your achievements.

When you earn a better GPA score, for example, you can qualify to join an honor society. Knowing that your hard work has gotten you to qualify for membership can give you more confidence in your capabilities.

Whenever you will be remembering that particular achievement it will boost your self-confidence. As a result, you will develop the courage to set your sights on higher targets in life.

Build Your Resume

Aside from helping you form lasting relationships with the leaders of tomorrow, joining an honor society can help you build a more attractive resume.

Employers receive a flood of applications for any job application. Consequently, they look for outstanding qualities among the sea of those who have applied for the same position as you.

Participation in an honor society is one essential trait these employers like to see. Unlike your grades, an honor society involves relating with other people and exercising your non-academic skills.

When a potential employer sees a track record of your deep involvement in an honor society it proves to them that you can be an all-around team member.

Thus, you differentiate yourself from the pack by showing other things you can do on top of studying smart.

It is critical to note that it is not the number of honor clubs you belong to that matters but your level of engagement. If anything, being a member of several honor clubs where you are not meaningfully engaged will work against you.

A potential employer might make the assumption that you do not have the capacity to commit to something or be a good team player. Stick to one or two societies and be as involved as you possibly can in different areas.


Any honor society worth its salt offers its members exclusive benefits.

Since the overarching goal of such a society is to help students realize greater success in academic pursuits, it is possible to get a scholarship. Scholarships can help you pay for studies abroad, tuition, a summer program or even buy books.

Tap into Honor Society Benefits

There are many honor society benefits that can help you while in school and even after you graduate. But as with many things in life, what you can get out of joining an honor society depends on the effort you put in.

Honor Society Museum is home to the accolades of past society members that served with distinction. Contact us today to learn more about how being part of an honor society can prepare you for current and future success.

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