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About Us

The Honor Society Museum is dedicated to preserving the awards and accolades of the leaders of our past so that the leaders of tomorrow–our members–may take a look back into history and see the valuable lessons they can learn from scholars of our past. Above all else, the Museum is dedicated to ensuring that these values are not lost with time, but held for future generations.

The Beginning



The Phi Beta Kappa Society is the oldest academic honor society in the US.A. and is regularly praised for it’s long-standing place in history and its preference for excellence in their candidates. Founded in the year 1776, Phi Beta Kappa advocated excellence in liberal arts and sciences, and aimed to gather the most remarkable students in the country under this effort.



Phi Eta Sigma was founded in 1923 at the University of Illinois as a way to cater to an extremely important group of students: incoming Freshman. Their slogan, which is “inspired by the past and dedicated to the future,” truly highlights that lessons from earlier honor societies have migrated to the 20th century, and that these values are still important to members (as they have inducted over 1,100,000 scholars). Their mission is to reward those if a high academic standing among first-year college students.

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Honor Society utilizes the values of historic honor societies with the reach of modern day technology to give students a platform to network with other ambitious students and successful alumni, both online as well as through on-campus Member Chapters. From achievement awards to service scholarships, Honor Society has numerous scholarship opportunities for different ranges of academic achievement available for active members. Service, excellence and postgraduate support are emphasized to create the ultimate experience for members.



With over 50+ chapters worldwide, Honor Society chapters represent a diverse cross-section of universities from private schools, to large state universities, to community colleges. Members lead important initiatives and spearhead elevated discussion, networking and events. Through the power of connection and service to the community, the leaders of tomorrow are taught valuable leadership lessons that will follow them from their respective schools and early careers through the rest of their lives. The Honor Society Museum was founded in 2019 to preserve the history of the leaders of our past for the leaders of tomorrow.

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