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The Community Service events range from Red Cross fundraisers, Habitat for Humanity programs, Ronald McDonald volunteering and many more.  Honor Society community service events have led to over $50,000 being raised and donated to local and national charities. Much like the honor societies of the past, our focus is not only on academic excellence, but excellence all around. Community service, personal/professional growth and a desire to network with the world at large are all key components of long-lasting societies throughout the years, something that our organization not only strives to preserve, but to emulate.

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Member Nights are an amazing way for our Honor Society members in their local area to meet up, network, learn and grow together in an environment that expands their personal and professional, as well as academic, growth. If you happen to have a local chapter established already–even better!

LOS ANGELES MEMBER NIGHT 4/1/19: We’re big on team spirit, and we couldn’t be more excited for our upcoming Member Night on 4/1/19! Our group will be wearing Navy Blue Honor Society T-shirts and Caps, and we will likely have a poster on one of the tables, so look for that. Feel free to come chat with us and learn more about the Society, as well as the Museum!

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