High School

Norton Center High School Class of 1943

No matter what year it is, high school graduates always have that look in their eye–proud, excited and ready for what the future holds! Look at the happy faces this Norton Center High School Class of 1943 photo! Preserving the relics of our past is something we’re so honored to do. It’s important for societies, students and graduates to meet […]
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Sophomore Class at Carleton College in 1947

It’s amazing to take a look back into time to see what the fearless leaders of our past looked like in their youth. Look at those big smiles on this panoramic class photo of the Sophomore Class at Carleton College in 1947. This is nearly an 80-year old photo, and yet you can clearly see the distinct features and emotions! […]
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Williamsburg Virginia Medal, 1976

The Honor Society Museum houses a large number of different pins and medals, ranging from the 1700’s to today. Here is a Williamsburg Virginia Medal from 1976. While this is relatively modern, don’t forget that 1976 was still 43 years ago! Many of the medals have been updated to reflect the look and feel of the times, which is why […]
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